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Etched Bronze Side Table


Companions Of Pan

Bronze and Toughened Glass Low Table

Edition of 8

122cm x 122cm x 38cm

Drawing from the mythology of Pan and his companion Fauns, Nick has produced this low table that demonstrates his skill in combining sculpture and design into a functional piece of furniture.


After They Ransacked The Museum They Agreed To Replace The Glass

Bronze Cabinet


H 100cm x L 150cm x D 50cm

During the 'Arab Spring' we witnessed the liberation of a people and their culture that led to a loss of structures and historical artifacts. Objects including Tutankamen's trumpet were looted during Egypt's uprising, this was followed by artistic expressions by local musicians and graffiti artists. Nick Davis has produced a bronze cabinet that although fractured and broken appears initially to be relatively conventional in structure, however he has added a deep architectural cornice suggesting the piece borrows some of its appearance from damaged buildings and the linear engraving presents us with an urban texture. The title conveys a nation's eagerness to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs coupled with a collective awareness of the importance of their historical past.



Bronze Console Table

Edition of 8

120 x 27 x 80cm

A short sequence of 7 figures referencing early movement photography and the everyday familiarity of tender observations. The console table top has been etched with a shadow design of the figures.


Bronze Mirror

Commissioned for a London private residence


Homo Sapiens

Etched Bronze Low Table also available with Nickel Plating

37 x 60 x 141cm

Nick's love for archeology is demonstrated on this stunning table, the surface beneath the polished bronze has been etched away to reveal three skulls with wonderful detail and dynamism. this design can be produced to any size and is also available as a wall or door panel.


High Kick

Bronze and Leather Stool

Edition of 8

81 x 47 x 52cm

Using figurative sculpture to explore emotions and narrative themes Nick Davis creates movement within a space of functionality.



Bronze Low Table

40 x 94 x 47cm

Edition of 8

Cast bronze tables polished to a high finish. Perceived as bronze fragments giving an appearance of disintegration.



Bronze Low Table

40 x 94 x 47cm

Edition of 8

Cast bronze table polished to a high finish, perceived as bronze fragments giving an appearance of disintegration.


Fragmentation Returned

Etched Bronze Low Table

42 x 91 x 91cm

Continuing the fragmentation theme this low table has been etched to give a 3D surface with a high gloss finish on the raised surface of the design. These tables can be produced to any size or shape and are also available as door or wall panels.


Fragmentation Console

Bronze Console Table

Edition of 8

29 x 81 x 122cm

Nick continues the theme of fragmentation with this wonderful console table.



Bronze and Mixed Hardwood Low Table

37 x 95 x 95cm

Stretching the use of bronze as a medium this table uses lost wax casting and the wooden top comprises four hardwoods - mahogany, maple, yew and walnut



Bronze and Toughened Glass Low Table

This low table was specially commissioned by a client wanting a coffee table with figures showing movement and a spirit of playfulness.


Rainy Day

Etched Bronze Low Table

46 x 79 x 136cm

This table shows the versatility of images that can be reproduced as a table surface. The three figures standing in the rain have an 'olde' fell to them and the image has the similarity of a woodcut. This design is also available as a bronze panel for walls or doors.



Bronze and Heavy Saddlery Leather Stool

45 x 52 x 28cm

This stool is an exploration into the themes of constructivism and collage.


Table Tower Lamp and Tall Tower lamp 

84 x 34 x 33cm and 203 x 47 x 44cm 

These sculptural lamps have a disjointed structure and hand drawn lamp shades. Nick's theme of collapse is easily shown in these wonderful pieces by virtue of their off centre balance and scorched patina.



Bronze and Leather Chair

95 x 57 x 52cm

Demonstrating simple geometric structures the directly hand modelled surface plays on the freedom inherant by sculpting the original design in wax.

Water Table

Bronze and Verdi Alpi Serpentinite

3.6m full length

This dining table has been constructed to vary in size. A smaller table is achieved by removing the centre piece and using it as a rectangular side table. This was a specially commissioned piece with the client requesting a table with a watery theme hence the marble top and wave like legs.


Wish Dish

Bronze Garden Bowl

1.4m wide

Made in conjunction with artist and blacksmith Melissa Cole.


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